Songs for the Apocalypse

These are all songs that would probably make the apocalypse better, or at least more jammin’. Most of these are actually albums for the apocalypse, given that whatever alien life form or Gary Busey character takes enough time smiting us to allow for 8 final albums, but in case our annihilation is more swift I’ve picked one track off of each of them.  

All About the Bullfrog in Three Verses – Slim Cessna’s Auto Club
Album: Cipher (2008)

Slim Cessna’s Auto Club brings “southern gothic” the musical realm. It’s what I’d imagine Faulkner would be listening to if he weren’t too busy being dead. Slim Cessna is half country, half brimstone – gothabilly, for those into cute couple names for music genres. This whole album, Cipher, is violently religious/athiesty/religious  in the most twisted, beautiful, messed up way. It’s interspersed with chants to form a sort of narrative that I feel better off not understanding fully.Fuego! – Murder by Death

Album: Red of Tooth and Claw (2008)

First of all, the band and album name combination alone qualify this for the apocalypse. Murder by Death is a five-piece band from Indiana, one of those pieces being one of the most badass female cellists in recent music history named Sarah Balliet. I don’t really have a reference group for female cellists but I’m still pretty sure I’m right. Murder by Death is one of those bands where the lyrics would probably sound stupid or whiney if the singer’s voice wasn’t exactly right. Their music sort of believes it is a cowboy in the old west, and that’s  the best I can describe it.

Smith & Jones Forever by Silver Jews
Album: American Water (1998)

This track is perhaps not quite as apocalyptic as the last two, but I would want to listen to as the world was ending. This is Silver Jews’ fourth studio album, with Stephen Malkmus featured pretty heavily on vocals for all you Pavement fans (being a college radio station, we have at least a few). Additionally, the lyrics of this song are beautiful and janky and not totally coherent – “Holding up their trousers with extension cords / Smith and Jones Forever!”  David Berman is at least an incredible song writer, and at worst a unicorn.

Grounds for Divorce – Elbow
Album: Seldom Seen Kid (2008)

This Elbow album always evokes something similar to the aforementioned Murder by Death album for me. It might be because I got songs from both of them on the same mix tape a while back, but if you’ll pardon my lack of formal musical education, it sounds like molasses that’s been lit on fire. And also like the end of the world. Obviously.

Loverman – Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds
Album: Let Love In (1994)

At this part in our imagined apocalypse there is at least some amount of fire and brimstone, probably because we’ve gotten to Nick Cave. This track is off my favorite Nick Cave album, Let Love In, all of which just feels like a manifesto for some weird apocalypse orgy balloon animal party. If there were such a party with all these bands/artists, it would probably be organized by Nick Cave. I know that isn’t a great description of the song itself, but give it a listen.

Long Snake Moan – PJ Harvey
Album: To Bring You My Love (1995)

Because we still need to have some solo lady musicians representing at the end of the world. This also brings us a nice transition from Nick Cave’s track. Both Let Love In and To Bring You My Love were written around the same time as Nick Cave and PJ Harvey were dating in the early nineties, that brief period of music couple perfection where things were right and nothing was bad ever anywhere. If nothing else, the albums paired give some insight into their dark, twisty, “we’re both a little androgynous and have the same haircuts and we made that music video for Henry Lee where we basically just almost make out the whole time.”

What’s He Building – Tom Waits
Album: Mule Variations (1999)

I feel like at least 50 percent of Tom Waits’ songs could easily have been recorded during some kind of only-Tom apocalypse, including all of his love ballads. This song is sort of a song, sort of Tom speak-growling suspicions about a neighbor, and is my go-to track when I want someone to be frightened by music. Honorable mentions for TWaits mad-man ramblings goes to the album Alice, more specifically every song on it.

Lunacy – Swans
Album: The Seer (2013)

I guess it had to end up at Swans. I tried to avoid it, but as the earth is opening up and swallowing us, probably someone would put Swans on and everyone else would groan and be like “of course but what I really wanted to play was Kelly Clarkson” which is totally fair. It was between Swans and Godspeed You! Black Emporer for this last track, but this album has a creepy fox on the cover and that ultimately won me over. The Seer is an album I oft imagine Martha Stewart listening to while slowly going mad and decorating cupcakes with blood frosting.  If you’re in for that experience, please hit me up.

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Pauly Daniel ’16 has been posting some pretty nice tunes on his Soundcloud. Give them a listen and read his comments below!

My name is Pauly and I make music under the name Doczilla. I started doing some music production and recording in high school, but it was not until a little over a year ago that I decided to pursue it more wholeheartedly.

When I was little my father always called me Doczilla because my initials are PHD and I generally behaved like a monster. The midnight reptile is the glimmer of that three-year-old monster still getting kicked off playgrounds.

That said, I also wanted to put something out there so I can continue to release music. As far as what’s next, there are a bunch of fellow Kenyon musicians who I love to work with and I’m working on various hip-hop ventures, and I’ll be updating my Soundcloud regularly.

Thanks for listening,


Post Grad Radio: Frances Sutton

Weird Brag Hotline


Once upon a time, I went to Kenyon College…It was last year, so everyone except the newbies knows who I am. After all, I was famous. I was a Radio Queen…nay, Radio Empress…nope, Radio Goddess. On Friday afternoons, my best friend Sarah and I gave Kenyon the best pre-weekend soundtrack it could ask for. From 11 pm- 1 am on Tuesday nights, I graced the airwaves solo with my show, The Weird-Brag Hotline, where I’d play a weird array of music (Paul Simon followed by R. Kelly followed by The Kinks) and talk about weird-brags. What’s a weird-brag? It’s something you can brag about but it’s kinda weird or lame so usually you don’t. Except I always did and I encouraged others to do the same. These days, I’m living the post-grad dream of living in Seattle, WA, drinking coffee and wearing flannel. I miss the radio times a lot, so I started up this podcast where I resumed my weird-bragging and music nerding. The podcast has gotten pretty famous…amongst people who are boredly scrolling through their facebook feeds and find it. It’s a fun way to connect with some of my friends back in Gambier who miss my dulcet Tuesday night voice.

Frances Sutton ’13

To listen, click the link posted above the photo of Frances (post-fetus, pre-Kenyon) or, alternatively, posted below five times: 
Weird Brag Hotline
 Weird Brag Hotline Weird Brag Hotline Weird Brag Hotline Weird Brag Hotline

Chart Toppers 2/17-2/23

Here are the chart toppers from the past week:

Top Artists:

1. The Beatles (Oh! Darling [x2], Norwegian Wood, Dig A Pony, I’ve Got A Feeling, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Tomorrow Never Knows, All My Loving, Paperback Writer, P.S. I Love You, Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey, Back in the USSR, Let It Be, It’s All Too Much)

2. TIE

  • The Rolling Stones (Let It Loose, Sympathy For The Devil, You Can’t Always Get What You Want, Winter, No Expectations)
  • Bob Dylan (Nashville Skyline Rag, Idiot Wind, Girl from the North County (with Johnny Cash), Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright, Leopard Skin Pill Box Hat)
  • Billy Joel (Vienna, The River Of Dreams, Piano Man, We Didn’t Start The Fire, Tell Her About It)
  • Marvin Gaye (Flyin High (In The Friendly Sky), Sexual Healing (KYGO), Can I Get a Witness, Inner City Blues, What’s Going On [x2])

3. TIE

  • Broken Bells (Leave It Alone, The Angel and The Fool, Holding On For Life)
  • Gardens & Villa (Domino, Bullet Train, Colony Glen [x2])
  • Belle and Sebastian (I Fought In A War, The Fox in the Snow, You Don’t Send Me)
  • Neutral Milk Hotel (Holland,1945, Everything Is, Untitled)
  • The Flaming Lips (She Don’t Use Jelly, Fight Test, Do You Realize??)
  • Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (Ohio, Carry On, Guinevere)
  • Simon and Garfunkel (Cloudy, So Long Frank Lloyd Wright, The Sound of Silence)
  • The Beach Boys (The Warmth of the Sun, Don’t Talk (Put Your Head On My Shoulder), Good Vibrations)
  • The Who (Pinball Wizard, My Generation, Won’t Get Fooled Again)

Top Songs

Can You Feel the Love Tonight?

Sometimes you get stood up. Tonight, my co-manager Hugh Wilikofksy and I went on a double date at the VI with Rachel Cunningham and Joseph Wun. Joe and Rachel both competed in Pop Culture Quiz Shows to win dates with Hugh and me. The only thing worse than being stood up is being stood up on an all-expenses-paid date. Lucky for me, runner-up/knight-in-flannel-armor Ben Jacoby showed up to save the day(te). Here’s what our night looked like:


Sad Robot – dr_nothings

Dan Rasch ’14 put out the E.P. Sad Robot over winter break under his musical venture dr_nothings. Listen below while you read his comments!

Hey my name is Dan and these are some tunes I made to inaugurate my new-ish musical venture, dr_nothings. I say “new-ish” because I used to produce under the name “dr.dr.” until I found some dudes on soundcloud who are doing fairly well at producing future garage music with that exact same name.

But it was time for a change, I’d been producing for years but all the dr.dr. stuff was mostly beats and ambient electronica, with one weird little synthpop ep where you can barely hear my voice. I’ve also been writing songs for some time now but I never felt like they were anything even remotely good, so I felt more comfortable just trying my teeth at producing, or obscuring my vocals as much as possible.

My songs at still far from even remotely good but I’ve gotten more comfortable with hearing my voice in the center of the mix, which is I guess the big difference with the dr_nothings tunes. You can tell I still prefer to hear it distorted or filtered super weird but that’s a habit I am moving away from.

So I had the idea of calling the EP “Sad Robot” after listening to this interview with two of the Low End Theory guys. Low End Theory is this incredible club in LA that put dudes like Flying Lotus and Baths on the map. Thom Yorke, James Blake, & Erykah Badu have all spun there, it’s the kind of place where you’ll hear Turkish psych rock and trap and NWA played out in the same set. When I came to Kenyon that was all I listened to, really off-kilter beats and left-field dubstep/hip-hop hybrid stuff. That and like, the Postal Service album.

So these two Low End Theory dudes were quoted in an interview as having invented a new genre name: “sad robot shit.” 808s & Heartbreak, Drake, the Weekend…it’s supposed to pick out that style of auto-tuned r&b and hip-hop about how you’re wildly rich and successful but you just feel empty inside. I guess the antithesis to that would be Lorde – but I digress.

Basically I liked the phrase, had this batch of sad electro-emo pop tunes I made with a synth, a sampler, and Pro Tools, and thought it’d be a good title. But it’s not like I wrote these songs with that theme in mind, “sad robot” – the first track was produced and written in its entirety like, 3 years ago. The last one I cranked out fall semester this year. There’s no auto-tune and there’s even a track that’s just me and a guitar, so if it seems all over the place or insufficiently “robot,” that’s why.

The next thing will be more cohesive, I’ve written like 85% of a 10-song album with only a guitar and a piano, which will be interesting. Usually I start on a computer and work in instruments gradually but this is already sounding super different so I’m interested to see what production techniques will best shape the new material.

Thanks for listening & thanks WKCO!!

Dan Rasch ’14